One to One Reading Program

One-to-One Reading A Success!

Mid-May 2016 saw the wrap-up of a successful implementation of the One-to-One Reading program. Tutors went in to all the Salt Spring Island Elementary Schools to support students with their reading. Two sessions of twelve weeks each were held. Students who were engaged in the program read to a tutor 3 – 4 days a week. Over 50 tutors were involved and 62 students. Tutors listened to the students reading, encouraged them, and provided gentle coaching for reading strategies when needed. Students and teachers noticed increased reading levels and a more positive approach to reading by the end of the program. Tutors enjoyed the one-to-one time they had with students.

“I have watched those students who do not get regular reading time at home and who have been noticing a difference between their reading level and the level of their peers, blossom with confidence and a keenness to read after their time with you. You have given our students the gift of reading and the gift of confidence, and for that we are grateful”, commented Kelda Logan, principal at Fernwood Elementary School.

Clearly a win-win situation! The popular program will continue this year. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer.
A sincere thank you to the Salt Spring Foundation, who supported this implementation year; your gift made it possible.
Louise Shelly
Salt Spring Literacy
One to One Reading Program Coordinator
phone: 250 537 9717


Giant Book & Jewellery Sale 2018. Preparations Underway

It’s that time of year again! Salt Spring Literacy is now collecting books and jewellery for our Nov. 16-18 fundraising sale.

This year we are going to hold monthly drop-off days on the first Thursday of each month in the Country Grocer parking lot — on the north side around the corner from the liquor store — from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thank you to Country Grocer for providing the space and other extraordinary support!

Thank you to everyone who brought books and jewellery to our first drop-off day on May 3rd. We were thrilled with the response and look forward to seeing more people on the following dates:

June 7

July 5

August 2

Sept. 6

Oct. 4

Bank bins will likely be used later in the summer, but we are hoping that use of regular drop-off days will result in fewer books to discard and will reduce the overall amount of work for our wonderful volunteers.

Home visits or other arrangements can still be set up through the Salt Spring Literacy office at 250-537-9717 or

Jewellery can also be dropped off at Mondo Trading and the Salt Spring Literacy office, and look for our new depot at Island Savings in the summer and the Salt Spring Public Library in September.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to volunteer with sale preparations in any way, connect with Inma at the Salt Spring Literacy office: or 250-537-9717. We are always happy to train new book sorters and helpers for our drop-off days, as well as for the sale itself in November.


Programs and services :
-One-to-One Reading, which sends tutors into elementary schools to work with students on their reading;
-Adult Tutoring, which matches learners with tutors who can help them learn what they want to learn;
-Computer Lab, which provides computer access and tutorials on Wednesdays by appointment;
-English as a Second Language, which one-to-one ESL tutoring to individuals and families;
-Family Literacy, which, in partnership with School District 64, offers family literacy programs for parents at local elementary schools;
-Exam Invigilation, which provides a dedicated, quiet, private room, with a computer and internet if required, and a licensed, certified teacher when necessary; and
-Friendly Readers, which matches readers with seniors who can no longer read.