Volunteers are the backbone of our organization.

New learners arrive every week. Whatever your skills, whatever your experience we would love you to join our team.

Our largest group of voluteers work as one on one tutors, while we have a general list of topics we work with, we are always looking for others!

What is One to One?

ONE TO ONE is a unique children's literacy program that provides one-to-one tutoring to children in elementary schools during regular school hours. Our trained volunteer tutors work with students who are identified by their teachers as needing a boost in their literacy skills. Typically, each student spends approximately 30 minutes two to four times a week with a volunteer tutor. Children chosen for the program often receive little or no literacy support at home. ONE TO ONE provides these children with an opportunity to practice their reading in an environment where it is okay to take risks, makes mistakes, and learn at their own pace.



Smooth Sailing Workshop: Supporting Seniors’ Health Literacy

Are you a Salt Spring senior or an island resident with seniors in your family?
If so you are invited to a workshop called Smooth Sailing Workshop: Supporting Seniors’ Health Literacy.
Two sessions presenting the same information are being offered at the Salt Spring Library Program Room on Saturday, Feb. 20 and 27 from 1 to 4 p.m.
The goal of the workshop is to enable seniors and those supporting them to obtain accurate information, develop knowledge and skills, and access support in order to better navigate community and health resources and foster empowerment. Seniors and people who are interested in learning more about how to support seniors in navigating the system (in an informal or in volunteer/professional roles) are welcome.
This workshop will cover benefits of health literacy, health literacy tips, patient rights, how to access the resources available and the resource gaps on Salt Spring.
Speakers include Lady Minto Hospital social worker Angela Huser, SSICS seniors program coordinator Shellyse Szakacs and representatives from Salt Spring Hospice.
No registration is required. Refreshments will be provided. Contact Angela Huser at angela_huser@hotmail.com or 250-538-8684 for any questions.