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Mission Statement

To promote literacy on Salt Spring and the other Southern Gulf Islands through building awareness, collaborative partnerships and service provision so that people can participate more fully in society.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. Centralize Community Literacy Services
  2. Provide Literacy Services for Adults
  3. Support for Family Learning and Child Literacy

We view literacy as those skills and abilities which empower individuals to fully participate in society through understanding and using information in their daily activities, and work, and in the community.

Salt Spring Literacy programs are “learner directed.” This means that programming content, whether for groups or individuals, is driven by the learner. All of our programs are free in order to remove barriers to their use.

More About Us

Salt Spring Literacy began with an initiative by Elma Rubright and other community volunteers in 2007, supported by provincial funding. Over the years, Salt Spring Literacy programs have expanded and now include services to adults, school children, families, and seniors. Funding is provided by provincial literacy funder Decoda Literacy Solutions, which receives BC government funding, and the BC Ministry of Advanced Education’s Community Adult Learning Program (CALP), in partnership with Camosun College.

At the heart of our organization are our over 200 knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers, who do everything from listen to a child read, help a senior learn how to use an iPad, teach a new immigrant English, or help sort books for the book sale.