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THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping us have a successful 2019 Giant Book and Jewellery Sale

Salt Spring Literacy thanks the people of this community for the continued support of the sale.  Our thanks, too, to the dedicated volunteers who offered their time and energy at the Sale, the monthly drop-offs and in sorting and cleaning items. The Country Grocer gave us so much support, Salt Spring Rotary provided generous funding and Salt Spring Fire & Rescue braved the cold to direct traffic. The Sale was a great success, our best yet, which means we can continue to provide early literacy programs, reading tutors in the elementary schools, adult tutoring, exam invigilation, programs for seniors, and a variety of drop-in services at the Literacy Centre. We couldn’t do it without you!

The 2019 Giant Book & Jewellery Sale has almost arrived!

Nov. 15th to 17th are the dates for the 13th annual book sale and 5th annual Jewels for Literacy sale, the Salt Spring Literacy Society’s main annual fundraiser. Proceeds help run the society’s many programs detailed on this website.

As always, the Farmers’ Institute hall will be overflowing with books and jewellery. Books are laid out in 40+ categories and the fiction is even alphabetized by author. Our handy-dandy book sale guide shows patrons where everything can be found. Book prices are $1 for pocketbooks (like mysteries), $2 for quality paperback, $3 for hardcovers and 50 cents for children’s/YA books. Special and collectible books are individually priced.

Jewellery pieces run the gamut from costume to unique designs from artisans. There is LOTS of jewellery made from gemstones this year, all at great prices. The stock is constantly refreshed over the sale’s 3 days.

The Salt Spring Rotary Club will again set up their cafe inside the hall and their BBQ outside from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day.

If you’d like to be among the first to peruse the books and jewellery, and buy your two favourite books and two jewellery pieces, you can become a society member for a $10 membership fee for admission to the Preview Night wine and appys event. The doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Thank you to our major sale sponsors: Salt Spring Rotary, Country Grocer and Gulf Islands Driftwood, and the many many other businesses and organizations that help make the event such a success.


The GIANT Book & Jewellery Sale – 2018

Thank you to everyone for another record-breaking year!

    The 2018 Giant Book & Jewellery Sale was another unprecedented success! The event raised more than $35,000: $24,324 in book sales and $11,128 in jewellery sales. Thanks to $2,500 in event sponsorship from the Rotary Club of Salt Spring Island, the society is able to include the full amount in our 2018 budget. All of the book sale’s expenses are covered by Rotary.

     Grass Roots Press, a publishing company owned by SS Literacy Society board member Pat Campbell, covers extra expenses for the jewellery sale, which Pat and friends also initiated in 2015.

   The fourth annual Jewels for Literacy sale saw a 32% increase in revenue from 2017. As more and more people learn about the jewellery part of our November sale, income from jewellery sales keeps on rising. Book sale revenue was up by 9.8% from 2017.

     Attendance at the Nov. 16-18 event was 2,034 — including a number of repeat customers who came for all three days — which was more than 300 from the year before and also a record. One hundred people attended the Preview Night for society members on Nov. 15.

    As always, the weekend at the Farmers’ Institute is a wonderful community event, with lots of socializing, people happy to have found the perfect book or piece of jewellery for a bargain price, and many volunteers enjoying their time among books, jewellery and community.

     This year the Rotary Club offered a cafe in a quieter corner of the hall, with coffee, tea, muffins and cookies available for purchase and a place to rest, and also set up their BBQ outside. Both were great additions to the festivities.

    The society is grateful to the estimated 110 volunteers who contributed more than 2,000 hours to the book sale and its preparations; to the jewellery volunteers who gave 455 hours to the cause; to the sale’s numerous sponsors and contributors listed at this link, and of course to everyone who donates books and jewellery and everyone who buys them at the sale.

    Mark your calendars for the next sale on the Nov. 15-17, 2019 weekend! Book and jewellery collection will begin in the spring, so please hang on to your donations until then.

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