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stella1Stella Weinert, an elementary school teacher with School District 64 for 25 years, is Salt Spring Literacy’s coordinator. She was also the district’s aboriginal education coordinator and a faculty associate at UBC where she led seminars and supervised student teachers. She has also provided aboriginal programs and resources to district teachers, worked with a variety of assessment programs and led writing workshops for the district. Stella has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and a Master of Arts, also in Education.


Inma Segura is the administrative assistant for the society. She holds a BA in Labour Relations and a Diploma in Sociology. Inma has extensive experience in the areas of education, employment and customer service. She worked in the administration staff in a secondary school in Madrid, Spain, for five years. Previously, she was coordinator and manager for an IT and communications public agency run by the provincial government of Madrid. She moved to the island with her family in 2014 and is an active member of the community, volunteering for different events, including the Giant Book Sale.


Louise Shelly is Salt Spring Literacy’s One-to-One Reading program coordinator. Louise has worked as an educator on Vancouver Island, in northern Yukon and northern Saskatchewan, as well as Thailand and Papua New Guinea. Because of her varied and interesting work experience she has maintained a strong interest in education. She has experience as a primary teacher, a high school art teacher, a learning assistance teacher, a Reading Recovery teacher, an ESL teacher, an adult educator, a teacher trainer and a curriculum developer. Now retired from full-time work, Louise continues her involvement in education through the Literacy Society.