reader 1 copy 5X7Thank you to all of our volunteer tutors.   Feedback from our learners has been very positive  and we are seeing more people coming forward requesting tutoring, after having heard how beneficial, satisfying and fun the experience is.


Tutor and Learner Monthly Reports

It’s important to track the tutoring hours and progress of your sessions.  Please complete a monthly report and email it to Stella at sweinert@saltspringliteracy.org.

For a Word form that can be downloaded and completed electronically please click here:
 Joint Tutor-Learner Monthly Report v.July 2014
For a PDF form that can be downloaded, printed and completed please click here:
Joint Tutor-Learner Monthly Report v.July 2014


Quick Tutor Tip:

Discuss what your learner is reading the way you would discuss books with a friend.  Did they like it?  Why or Why not? Who is the book about? What is it about? A natural book conversation displays comprehension as much, if not more, than those comprehension questions we used to have to do at school.