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In 2007 a community member, Elma Rubright (pictured), thought it would be great if there was somewhere local people could go and get free literacy help. Somewhere people could learn to read, learn to do math or learn whatever it was they needed to be happy in life. She was soon joined by a dedicated group of volunteers and a grassroot movement had begun. Community interest and support grew and before long the Salt Spring Literacy Society was registered as a charity.

Fast forward three yearsand the Society now runs the Literacy Centre in the heart of Ganges, Salt Spring Island, and assists more than one hundred learners every year. Over fifty volunteers offer their time to work one to one helping people achieve their goals. The Society operates a growing number of programs responding to needs as they arise in the community.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in a learner directed approach. That means you are in charge of what, when and how you learn. We are here to support and help you. We believe in creative learning opportunities. Do you need music to concentrate? No problem. Do you learn by doing? We can arrange that. We help all levels.