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The 8th Annual Books & Bling is in...

Salt Spring Literacy Presents:  Books & Bling Preview Night

Sponsored by: Country Grocer

November 2, 2023

7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Farmers’ Institute

We are inviting all members of Salt Spring Literacy Society to a special “Salt Spring Literacy Presents:  Books & Bling Preview Night” sponsored by Country Grocer.  Attendees will enjoy a sneak peak at the more than 10,000 gently used books across more than 30 different genres (and an amazing Specials section!), as well as a large display of new and used designer, vintage, and costume jewelry for sale.

Each guest is entitled to purchase two Books as well as two Bling items (Velvet table items not included).

Wine (one glass per membership) as well as a variety of bite sized appetizers, prepared by several of the islands most popular cooks, will also be served.

The 8th Annual Books & Bling Sale is taking place on November 3 – 5, 2023 at the Farmers’ Institute and is one of this island’s most popular charity events!

All proceeds from the sale go to the Salt Spring Literacy Society (SSLS), which provides free literacy support to children, youth, adults, and seniors.

This is a special members-only event – we hope to see you there!

Become a member

Book and jewelry sale

November 3 – 5  (Friday – Sunday) 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Farmers’ Institute, Salt Spring Island

Book donations

Drop off at Farmers’ Institute

Thursday, October 26 through Sunday, October 29 from 10 am to 2 pm.

Click to see types of books accepted

Jewelry donations

On now! Drop in collection bin at Island Savings from 9:30 am to 5 pm or

Salt Spring Literacy office Monday to Thursday from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Volunteers wanted

We are looking for volunteers to assist with a wide variety of activities including receiving donations, sorting and
categorizing donated gently used books, floor assistants, greeters & more!

Please email our volunteer coordinator for more information.

Thank you to our sponsors!

About Books & Bling

The halls are filled with tables loaded with well-organized and lovingly curated fiction and non-fiction books, in categories ranging from art to travel with every beloved mystery and CanLit novel in between!

They’re a bargain –priced at just a few dollars, with most children’s books at or under a dollar. Exceptionally beautiful, valuable and antique volumes are professionally valued and displayed in a special section of the hall.

The bling is an eclectic collection of designer, vintage, and costume jewellery donated by Salt Spring Islanders. In the “Bling Room”, you will find necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and miscellaneous items such as cuff links. We also sell bags of beads.

There is something for everyone. Every year, we find that a certain item is in demand. In 2019, much to our surprise, it was pearls!

We work with artisans on the island to help us appraise the higher-end pieces and identify hallmarks and gemstones. Solving the intriguing riddle posed by the hallmarks stamped onto a piece of jewelry involves skill, experience, and a wealth of knowledge.

Our prices are reasonable, ranging from $2 to $200. At the center of the bling room is a table draped in black velvet. This is where you will find the designer items, the gold, and the silver.

Masterlist for Book Donating


  • Fiction and Literature (all formats – hardcover, trade paperback, mass market paperback)
  • Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies (including poetry, drama, music, entertainment, dance, TV, building, DIY, photography, fabric arts and more)
  • Sciences, Environment, Nature, Wild Animals, and Biology
  • Transportation and Geography
  • History
  • Adventure, Sports, and Games
  • Biographies and Autobiographies
  • Foreign Languages (fiction or non-fiction)
  • Oldies and Specials in good condition
  • Children’s and Young Adult
  • Pets and Animals


Must have been produced within the last 5 years

  • Cooking and food-related
  • Gardening
  • Travel
  • Political Science, Current Events, Business


  • Books with missing pages
  • Mouldy, dirty, or damaged books
  • Textbooks or reference books
  • Workbooks
  • Dictionaries
  • Bibles or other religious texts
  • Magazines
  • Reader’s Digest books
  • Studies and reports
  • Computer manuals
  • Government publications

Last year’s Books & Bling was a hit!

Images from past years

Check Out Some Images From Past Events!