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Salt Spring Literacy’s annual Books & Bling event (formerly known as The Giant Book and Jewels for Literacy Sale) is our main community fundraising effort. It’s also one of the most anticipated dates on islanders’ calendars when the Farmers’ Institute becomes a Books & Bling Bazaar – a treasure trove!

Judging by the long line-ups at opening, and the thousands of attendees it attracts every year from Salt Spring Island– with book and jewellery lovers from further afield– it is an event everyone can enjoy, especially when proceeds go to support such a good cause!

Salt Spring Literacy would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for its ongoing and faithful support of our annual sale.

Donations of Books & Bling

Donations of Books & Bling

Thank you to our community for such a wonderful turn out for book and jewellery donations!

We are more than ready for this come-back event!

If you’d like to drop off jewellery (“Bling”) still, you can drop it at the Literacy Society Office at 100-125B Rainbow Road during business hours.

We happily accept all kinds of jewellery: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments, cuff-links —vintage, collectible, designer, and costume.

Lots of people have let us know they’re excited to donate the books they’ve been setting aside for us over the past year, and we couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you to all those who came out and donated. We look forward to taking more donations next year in 2022!



Thank you to our wonderful volunteers of Books & Bling 2021, in taking the time to help us make this favourite annual event a reality once again!

A legion of dedicated volunteers is needed to make the event a success.

Join us for this exciting and important community event!

If you are interested in volunteering, contact the Salt Spring Literacy Office at:


Friday Sale - Photo taken by Jen MacLellan
Friday Line - Photo taken by Jen MacLellan
Shopping Couple

What You’ll Find at the Sale

What You’ll Find at the Sale

The halls are filled with tables loaded with well-organized and lovingly curated fiction and non-fiction books, in categories ranging from art to travel with every beloved mystery and CanLit novel in between!

They’re a bargain –priced at just a few dollars, with most children’s books at or under a dollar. Exceptionally beautiful, valuable and antique volumes are professionally valued and displayed in a special section of the hall.

The bling is an eclectic collection of designer, vintage, and costume jewellery donated by Salt Spring Islanders. In the “Bling Room”, you will find necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and miscellaneous items such as cuff links. We also sell bags of beads.

There is something for everyone. Every year, we find that a certain item is in demand. In 2019, much to our surprise, it was pearls!

We work with artisans on the island to help us appraise the higher-end pieces and identify hallmarks and gemstones. Solving the intriguing riddle posed by the hallmarks stamped onto a piece of jewelry involves skill, experience, and a wealth of knowledge.

Our prices are reasonable, ranging from $2 to $200. At the center of the bling room is a table draped in black velvet. This is where you will find the designer items, the gold, and the silver.

Loading Volunteers
Unloading The Truck
Bling Volunteers

We look forward to seeing you in November!

Check Out Some Images From Past Events!

Check Out Some Images From Past Events!