Thank you to all who entered Salt Spring Literacy’s Haiku Contest. We’re pleased to announce the winners!


Children’s Category


Primary (6-9)

 girl and baby laugh

she lifts him high to the sky

It fills me with joy

– Shayla, age 9


Honourable Mention

wild and wonderful

the long wavery branches

leaves are swaying down

– Juniper, age 9



afternoon sun come

face me- running beside goats

fingers spread the wind

– Gwyneth Ortlepp age 10


Honourable Mentions

not one can tell what

the birds sing to each other

whispers in the wind

– Davis, age 11


carpets of new life

unfolding beyond my feet

I feel free to be

– Loelia Oudry, age 11


Adults Category

calm early spring nights

suddenly erupt with sound

amphibious choir

– Joni Van Ommen


sap rises through doubts

and dares to punch pink perfumed

fists into blue sky

– Brenda Guiled