Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s haiku contest. Salt Spring Literacy is pleased to announce the winners:



blossoms bloom in spring

hatching eggs and peeping birds

the dew sparkling too

– Aya, 13



I hear your call now

up here in the sweet spring air

telling me to come

– Shyanna, 11


Intermediate – honourable mention

bass, rod, hook and lure

happy, excited, nervous

how big is the fish?

– Tenzin, 11


Lower intermediate

the trees – green, green trees

sticks and ferns all around me

warm, happy, safe, wild

– Haleigh, 9



cherry blossom tree

I love your shades of pink

It is like spring snow staining the ground with magic

– Sia, 7


Primary – honourable mention

bees buzz to nectar

new tulips bloom every day

dandelions in my hand

– Nolan, 8



hungry ghosts downtown

millions of pink petals fall

on empty cupped hands

– Pat Burkette


Adult – honourable mention

a little girl’s fist

decides to open itself

balloon in the breeze

– Marcia Burton


Adult – honourable mention

chickadee alights

nest in hollow apple tree

chit-chits me away

– Gigi Jobb