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Continuing Education Bursary

Deadline 2pm Friday June 7, 2024

About the Bursary

This bursary for $5,100 is awarded each year to a Grade 11 student who is living on Salt Spring Island. The selection process is based on nominations submitted by teachers or community members who know the candidate well. We do not accept self-nominations.The recipient will have the option to receive support from the Salt Spring Literacy Society in planning, budgeting, and applying for their chosen field of continuing education.


This bursary will be given to a student who:

  • Has shown the ability to overcome life’s challenges
  • Is dedicated to community and school
  • Exhibits a strong sense of responsibility and caring
  • Inspires others
  • Approaches life with a positive mindset
  • Resides on Salt Spring Island
  • Has financial need in pursuing post-secondary education

Nomination Letters

Nominators should explain how they know the applicant, in what capacity, and for what length of time. They should state why the student is a strong candidate for the bursary, speaking directly to the above criteria, and outlining why the student requires support and encouragement with their continuing education. The nominator should include their contact information (including email address, if any). The bursary recipient must be unrelated to Salt Spring Literacy Society board members or staff.


  • By email to Letters received by email will be confirmed by email.
  • In person at the Salt Spring Literacy Office located at: Room 4, Salt Spring Island Multi Space (SIMS, former middleschool) 124 Rainbow Rd. Salt Spring Island, Tuesday through Friday noon to 4pm
  • By mail to PO Box 228, STN Ganges, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2V9


A cheque for $100 will be awarded to the student when the bursary recipient is announced and can be picked up at the Salt Spring Literacy office. After graduating from Grade 12 with a BC Certificate of Graduation, $2,500 will be paid each year for the first two years of continuing education to the recipient once proof of registration is provided to the Salt Spring Literacy Society. The bursary can be deferred for up to 2 years after graduation from high school.


Please contact Salt Spring Literacy at (250) 537-9717 or

Deadline 2pm Friday June 7, 2024

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